Why Martial Arts

“So, you could beat me up if you wanted to?”

It was not until I considered the implication behind that commonly-asked question that I started to wonder why people seemed to automatically associate martial arts with violence. Yes, I did learn how to fight, but Tae Kwan Do to me went beyond the physical. As a student, I took an oath to exercise respect, never misuse Tae Kwan Do, and champion for freedom and justice. To do otherwise would have compromised this commitment to building a more peaceful world.

Martial arts served as the inspiration for as well as the driving force behind Kickin’ Violence. It is the crucial element that sets us apart from other non-violence education programs. We believe that physical activity makes young people more open to learning about societal issues and then willing to take action to stop them from happening.

Through a solid martial arts education, students involved in Kickin’ Violence’s programming learn values such as self-discipline, respect, leadership, and confidence. Martial arts fosters a “can-do” attitude, as well as an undeniable sense of purpose and belonging. It empowers young people to be upstanders, who utilize their minds (not fists) to end the injustices they see in their communities.

Because of martial arts, we believe young people will be better equipped to give our country a “kick in” the right direction.