How to Choose the Lotion for Black Men


White, yellow, red, black — your skin color does not really tell how appealing you are. As being a man is more than just the color of the skin, so how any man (or woman) is being looked at should never be a measure of a man (or woman). For some health reasons, however, you will still need to use products such as rejuvenating creams and moisturizing body lotion. You owe it to yourself to provide the largest body organ, which is your skin, the best care that you can provide for it in return for all the beating that it gets throughout the day, specially if you have a darker skin tone. For this reason, in case you are looking for products that will address your skin’s needs, you also need to choose the best lotion for black men.

Lotion for Black Men

Dark vs. White

If you have a darker skin color, you will be grateful to note that sources indicate that you are less likely to develop skin cancer than lighter-skinned ones. However, it is also noted that men with such a skin color have a high mortality rate from skin cancer since their skin color makes it more difficult to detect skin cancer. One of the obvious reasons this is so is that dark-skinned men have thicker skin. That means it will take longer time for the harmful rays of the sun to penetrate through your skin. However, thicker skin means it could dry more easily. As such, it could easily be irritated as well. Moreover, black skinned individuals are noted to be more prone to other health conditions, such as hypertrophic scars, eczema or hyper pigmentation compared to other skin types. Considering these, you need to have an effective skin care routine that includes the application of the lotion for black men.

Daily moisturizing with a product that is designed for this type of skin will help keep dryness, itching, and related allergies under control. The melanin in one with an African American skin will benefit from a sun protection factor or SPF, of about 13.4. Nonetheless, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that even those with darker skin tones should follow the same guidelines for sun protection. To make sure that your skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun, you will need to apply 1 ounce (ca. 38 g) of SPF 15 sunscreen every day on the whole body at least 30 minutes before you leave for work or to do whatever you planned. A re-application of the sunscreen lotions every two hours. Pay attention to your neck and the exposed skin on your head.

How to Choose the Lotion for Black Men

When deciding which lotion for black to use, it may help to note that there are certain ingredients that will best benefit your skin and should be found in the bottle of lotion that you plan to have.

Here are the ingredients that you may need to look for: mineral oil, jojoba, vitamin 5 and fragrances. There is no shortcut in finding the best products that will give you the most benefits for your skin. You will need to understand what your skin needs and know what options you have. If you are experiencing a special skin condition, the best thing that you need to do is to consult an expert first. It won’t matter if you have what the majority consider as the best lotion for black men if you have a skin condition that requires a special formulation.

Allowing an expert to examine your condition first is essential to finding the best product for your skin. As you become more attuned to your skin’s natural features, you will easily know when you are using the right product as it will help make your skin look healthy and rejuvenated.

Making sure that every purchase of the best lotion for men guarantees providing the most benefits for your skin demands more than just an understanding of the features of all the options that you have. It also requires a total awareness of what your skin needs so that you can offer what is best for it.

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